Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Transformation

Here is the before picture of my would have been worse, but we forgot to take a picture before Phase 1 of the clean up process.  Thanks to my dear friend Tammy who helped me tackle my workspace.  She did put a disclaimer with her good deed, that she would only organize for me one time.  I am just so thankful for friends.  God brings people into your life to balance you out.  In the areas I am weak, my friends might be strong and vice versa.  So thank you friends today just for being who they are.  Together you may be able to accomplish something beautiful.  Below is the after photo.  Let's hope I can keep it that way.  Thanks again Tammy!
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
6325 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, PA 17545


  1. WOW!!! It looks great! You both did an amazing job! Did you have all those storage cubes already or did you buy some more to finish up? I like them but I'm still debating on splurging. Keep it up!