Monday, December 5, 2011

Today's Tip: Practice does not always make perfect.

   Someone should really think about coming up with a different cliche.  Practice makes Perfect?  Really?  Maybe a better way to say it would be Practice and More Practice Might Make Perfect.  In any case, my son begged for a violin because he saw one on Sesame Street and was surprised when he got one he couldn't just make beautiful music.  So we signed him up for lessons.  But apparently when a child takes lessons at such a young age, the parent has to take lessons too.  So Daddy with his own rented violin took lessons as well.  We don't aspire to be quitters in the Hoffer household, so Rolan and Daddy successfully completed a summer semester of violin lessons and learned some lessons about life in the process.  Here is a layout I made about this little adventure.  I used the Mischief Paper Pack and the edge distresser.
Here is what the journaling says for those who are interested in Rolan's experience:
Things Rolan did not know about playing the violin:
1) Before ever touching a real violin, you learn to play on a cardboard violin with a stick.
2) You have to listen to a CD of violin music every day (it's called the Suzuki Method).
3) There is etiquette for how you stand and hold the violin.
4) When you finally get to test the bow on the real thing, it will make NO sound if there is not enough rosin on the bow.
5) When the summer semester is over, you will be able to recognize the sounds of notes and play the "Train" song.
6) After 2 years of asking for a violin, one semester of violin lessons was ENOUGH.
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