Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Mini Album Cover Tutorial

Please note that the original idea for this cover was created by fellow sister consultant Mary Gunn.  You can check out here blog here. If you are interested in seeing pictures of how mine turned out, check this post.  As promised, I will be posting the instructions for any of you who would like to make your album from home.  Today I will show you how to make the cover. Note that the tutorial photos are using different paper as I was recreating the cover for the purpose of the tutorial.
Shopping List

Z1474,    $6.95  Kraft Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes
Z1465,    $4.95  Irresistibles - Make-It-Count Numbers
your own favorite papers and a few favorite embellishments.

 1) Open craft card.  There is already a score line at 6 inches from the side of the card without the flap.  Place another score line at 5 inches from the side without the flap. Fold along score line.  The shorter side of the card will be the front cover.
      2) Stamp the rock the block large floral pattern in dessert sand on the front cover.
      3) Place a piece of patterned paper or cardstock 2x6 on the left side of the front cover to reinforce the front cover. 
      4) You need a 3" x 6" piece of B&T. Fold in 1/2 so it becomes 1.5" x 6". Adhere the piece at the end of the front cover. The piece should extend 1" over the edge of the cover. You'll have 1/2" front and back glued to the front cover.
Note: On my cover, I decorated the inside as well, but after completing it, I wish I had left the kraft card color because as you are looking at the monthly pages, you can see the patterned paper and it does not always coordinate.  For this reason, I am not showing how to decorate the inside of the cover.  It would work well to place a piece of B&T cut at 5.75x5.75 and place that along back inside cover.  That way when you are looking at the pages, the spine is still kraft colored.
5) Cut 2x6 inch B&T and corner round on side of the paper at the top and bottom.  Adhere it to the inside of the decorative flap ½ inside the edge of the flap, extending the length of the back cover 1.5 in with the rounded corners extended out.

6) Cut another piece of coordinating cardstock 2x6 and apply this to the inside back cover so that it overlaps the B&T by ¼ of an inch on the right and the back inside cover slightly as well to reinforce this portion of the cover.  You can apply a zipstrip as an accent here like I did.
7) Now score the new extended flap at 1 inch and fold.
  8) Apply a kraft envelope along the inside cover with the opening facing the left side to store memorabilia inside.  Make sure the envelope is flush with the bottom of the cover and extends slightly beyond the top and side of the cover.
       9) To decorate the front cover, you will need 3x6 patterned paper, 5.75x2.75 cardstock, 5.5x2 patterned paper all matted on top of each other.
     10) Decorating the “Make It Count Numbers” (Z1465).   Choose the “2,0,1,two” and begin inking from the inside out with coordinating ink colors using sponge daubers or sponges.  You will need card stock scraps for mats under numbers “2, two"
           11) To fasten the cover closed, I used the Foundry Binder Clips (Z1711) knotted with ribbon.
      Stay tuned for additional posts regarding cutting instructions for the monthly pages.
     Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
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