Sunday, April 29, 2012

Victory Studio J layout

One other thing I love about studio J is that you have so many templates, embellishments, and paper kits all at your fingertips.  I don't know about you, but I do get tired of coming up with ideas for school layouts.  So with Studio J I don't have to come up with the ideas.  One technique I used in this layout is multiple text boxes in order to make a title with different size fonts..."First Day of Pre-K".

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Superhero Studio J Layout

Here's another layout with my most favorite paper pack...Superhero!  Being a mom of three boys this paper pack is just want I need to celebrate my little men.  Although this layout celebrates my nephews as well.  Take note to the paper at the bottom of the left page.  There is no argyle paper in the superhero paper pack but with studio J, you can create your own.  Want to know how, contact me to schedule a Free Studio J class.
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stella Studio J layout

Here's another layout using studio J.  I love that you can distress or ink all the edges of the paper digitally.  These photos capture boys being boys.  In the top right photo, my oldest son is holding up a daddy longlegger.  Yuck!  If you would like to try out Studio J absolutely free, just visit my website here.  You can upload your photos and play for free and CTMH will store your pages for 3 months automatically.
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Florentine Studio J Layout

I am trying to get caught up with scrapbooking.  I love the 3D effect of physically creating and embellishing layouts, but I have to say I love Studio J as well.  I will always be a scrapbooker.  But I love to use studio J to archive trips that I would otherwise never get scrapbooked.  In this particular layout, I used mutiple photo boxes to showcase one photo.  All you do to accommplish this affect is drop the same photo into each photo well and increase zoom in making each photo the same size.  Then you can use your mouse to overlap the photos.  The technique is flawless because as you are overlapping the photos you can still see the other image to make sure they are lined up.  One tip, would be to zoom in on the entire layout to 400% so you can see what you are doing.  If you are interested in seeing more layouts, stay tuned this weekend.  Also I offer free studio J classes at my home, contact me if you are interested.  You do not need a studio J membership to take the class.
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pemberley Cards

Here is another version of cards I created a while ago using Pemberley this time.  I am doing these cards at a church 5/$5.  Supply List: Pemberley Paper Pack (X7148B), Colonial White Cardstock, Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge (Z1686), Clear Sparkles (Z1104), Cocoa Ribbon, Treasures Stamp Set (retired), Hooray Bouquet (D1491), and Card Chatter Sympathy (D1476).
 A Closer Look ...

Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Mini Album Cutting Instructions

   Sorry for the delay in getting this posting, but here it is.  If you are looking for the original post with all the pictures of the 2012 mini album, click here.  If you are looking for the album cover tutorial, click here
I am going to list the supplies I used, feel free to substitute with what you have available or contact me, if you'd like to place an order. 
Supply List:
Kraft Die Cut Cards & Envelopes (Z1474)- 1 pack will do the entire album with some to spare
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge (Z1686)- All titles and embellishments were cut using this cartridge.  All titles were cut at 1 inch.
Assorted B&T paper and cardstock
Embellish as desired

Base- This page is created on an envelope.  Cover the base with 6x6 piece of B&T paper.  Double mat a photo towards the left side of the base (outside mat 4.25x5.25 inches, inside mat 4x5), leaving room for January title on right.  The title is not pictured here it is under the flap.
Flap- Cut two B&T 2.75x6.25 for front and back of flap.  Double mat a photo (outer mat cut two 3.25 sqaures, inside mat two 3x3).  I used a patterned paper for one of the inside mats.


Base- Both pages are the backside of the envelopes.  The left page is created directly on the back of the January page.  Cover the left base B&T 6x3.75 and 6x2.25.  I just for a 6x6 square of B&T and cut it at 2.25 and flipped over the top piece revealing the other side of the B&T.  I mounted a zipstrip on cardstock and cut to 6 inches and placed where two papers meet.  Right page Cut B&T 6x6.  Double mat a photo (outer mat 4.25x5.25, inner mat 4x5).  I used foam tape to attach the title.

Base- Left page is on back of February on envelope with flap.  Right side is the back of the kraft card with flap visible on left when you turn to the next month of April.  Both bases for March are cut the same.  Cut two 4x4 inch squares (floral pieces), two 2x4 and 2x6 (same paper), zipstrips mounted on the 2x6 in piece. For the March flap I started out with two 3x6.25 piece of cardstock handcut it to have a more decorative flap.  Mounted a second piece of paper 2.75x6 on the front of flap.  Inside flap is just outdoor denim cardstock only.

Base- Inside of kraft card.  Both bases for April are the same.  Cut two 6x6 squares from B&T.  Then double mat photos (outer mat two 5.25x4.5, inner mat two 5x4.25).  Butterflies pg 55 of AP Cartridge.  Cut one- 1 inch, four- 3/4 in, and one- 1/2 in.  Place 1/2 butterfly on top of 3/4 in.  Apply bitty opaques to center of butterflies.  Flap- two 1.25x6 pieces of B&T.  Flap is the same on inside and out except for title on the outside.

Base- Left page is on back of kraft card and right page in on back of envelope.  For left page, cut 4x6 piece of cardstock and 2x6 of another color.  Then cut 5.5x5 mat on B&T and round the corners.  Title is cut twice on cardstock and patterned paper, then mounted together.  For right page, cut cardstock 6x6.  Double mat a photo inside diecut frame from page 53 of AP cartridge cut a 4.75 and 4 in B&T.  Zipstrip cut at 6 in.  Stamped image double matted at 2x1.

Base- Both pages are on envelopes with flaps visible and are cut the same.  Cut two 6x6 bases from cardstock.  Inside flaps cut two 3.25x6.25 on colonial white then matted with B&T 3x6.  Cut same two 3x6.25 pieces for outside flaps. Layered flowers: pg 57 cut at 2in and 1.5, pg 50 flower cut at 1.5 layer.  Largest flower was stamped with a background stamp.

Base- Both pages are on backs of envelopes.  Both pages are the same.  Cut two 6x6 cardstock bases.  Cut two 5.75x5.75 B&T.  Stars cut from pg 45 of AP cartridge.

Base- Both pages are envelopes with flaps showing.  For left page, cut base cardstock 6x6, then double mat cardstock and B&T for photo (outer mat 4.5x5, inner 4.25x4.75).  For both inside flaps cut two 1.75x6.25 on B&T.  For the outside flaps, cut two 2x6.25 from cardstock and then two 1.75x5.75 B&T.  For right page, cut B&T base at 6x6, then double mat photos (outer mats 4.5x2 7/8, inner 4.25x2.75).

Base- Left page is on back of envelope and right page is on back of kraft card.  Flap of kraft card will be visible when you turn to the next month of October.  For bases cut B&T 6x6.  For left page, cut a mat 4.25x5 in cardstock.  Mount zipstrip to cardstock and apply.  For right page, cut 2x6 cardstock apply to right side of right page and zipstrip mounted on cardstock.  For title I foam taped every other letter.


Base- Both pages are on the inside of the kraft card.  They are the same.  Cut two B&T at 6x6.  Mount two cardstock cut at 4.25x5.  Apply zipstrip mounted on cardstock.  Both inside and outside of flap are the same with B&T cut at 1.25x6.  The title is cut on B&T and cardstock and mounted together.

Base- Both bases are on kraft cards.  The left page is the back of the kraft card and the right page is a kraft card folded inside out so the flap is on the right and the fold of the card is on the next page.  Both pages are the same.  Cut two 6x6 out of B&T.  Make two double matted photo mats with cardstock (outer 5.5x3.75 and inner 5.25x3.5) Mounted on foam tape to the base to create a pocket for the tags.  Tags cut from pg 50 of the AP cartridge, using the tag and the layer function.  Cut 4 tags at 2 in on cardstock and 4 layers at 2 in on B&T.  For the flap cut two 1.25x6 pieces of B&T.  For the title every other letter is foam taped.


Base- The inside and back of the kraft card are all for the month of December or you could do the last page for New Years of the following year.  I figured there are always lots of Christmas pictures.  All 3 pages are the same.  Cut three 6x6 from white daisy cardstock.  Cut three 4x4 squares on B&T.  Create your own zipstrip with 1/2in x 5.25 piece of B&T with .25x4.75 piece of B&T mounted on top.  Tree was cut from pg 31 of the AP cartridge. 

Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stamping Technique: Masking Tutorial

So here is a very simple technique that can allow you to add more colors and dimension to your stamps.  It is called masking where you cover a part of the stamp in order to achieve a different affect.  Here a portion of a layout where I used the technique.
The ticket image is from The Blue Ribbon Stamp set (C1464).  The original ticket stamped image says "I must admit you are amazing", but I wanted to put the tickets on a travel layout.  So I masked that portion of the stamped image and here's how.
1) Stamp the image on a post it note.  I stamped the top off on the scrap paper so it would be easier to cut out.  You want to make sure at least part of the image you are going to use as a mask has the adhesive part of the post it behind it. 
 2) Cut out the portion of the stamp you want to mask.  So for me it was the words making sure I still kept the lines surrounding it intact.
3) Place it on the paper where it would need to go.  If you are not sure before inking your stamped image, place it on your block and look through it to see if you like the placement and adjust accordingly.
 4) Ink your image, stamp it over the paper and remove the mask and this is what you will have.
5) Now place the stamp you wish to occupy the center of the ticket on a block, ink and stamp.  I chose the phrases from the Adventure USA stamp set (D1503)
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Mini Album Cover Tutorial

Please note that the original idea for this cover was created by fellow sister consultant Mary Gunn.  You can check out here blog here. If you are interested in seeing pictures of how mine turned out, check this post.  As promised, I will be posting the instructions for any of you who would like to make your album from home.  Today I will show you how to make the cover. Note that the tutorial photos are using different paper as I was recreating the cover for the purpose of the tutorial.
Shopping List

Z1474,    $6.95  Kraft Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes
Z1465,    $4.95  Irresistibles - Make-It-Count Numbers
your own favorite papers and a few favorite embellishments.

 1) Open craft card.  There is already a score line at 6 inches from the side of the card without the flap.  Place another score line at 5 inches from the side without the flap. Fold along score line.  The shorter side of the card will be the front cover.
      2) Stamp the rock the block large floral pattern in dessert sand on the front cover.
      3) Place a piece of patterned paper or cardstock 2x6 on the left side of the front cover to reinforce the front cover. 
      4) You need a 3" x 6" piece of B&T. Fold in 1/2 so it becomes 1.5" x 6". Adhere the piece at the end of the front cover. The piece should extend 1" over the edge of the cover. You'll have 1/2" front and back glued to the front cover.
Note: On my cover, I decorated the inside as well, but after completing it, I wish I had left the kraft card color because as you are looking at the monthly pages, you can see the patterned paper and it does not always coordinate.  For this reason, I am not showing how to decorate the inside of the cover.  It would work well to place a piece of B&T cut at 5.75x5.75 and place that along back inside cover.  That way when you are looking at the pages, the spine is still kraft colored.
5) Cut 2x6 inch B&T and corner round on side of the paper at the top and bottom.  Adhere it to the inside of the decorative flap ½ inside the edge of the flap, extending the length of the back cover 1.5 in with the rounded corners extended out.

6) Cut another piece of coordinating cardstock 2x6 and apply this to the inside back cover so that it overlaps the B&T by ¼ of an inch on the right and the back inside cover slightly as well to reinforce this portion of the cover.  You can apply a zipstrip as an accent here like I did.
7) Now score the new extended flap at 1 inch and fold.
  8) Apply a kraft envelope along the inside cover with the opening facing the left side to store memorabilia inside.  Make sure the envelope is flush with the bottom of the cover and extends slightly beyond the top and side of the cover.
       9) To decorate the front cover, you will need 3x6 patterned paper, 5.75x2.75 cardstock, 5.5x2 patterned paper all matted on top of each other.
     10) Decorating the “Make It Count Numbers” (Z1465).   Choose the “2,0,1,two” and begin inking from the inside out with coordinating ink colors using sponge daubers or sponges.  You will need card stock scraps for mats under numbers “2, two"
           11) To fasten the cover closed, I used the Foundry Binder Clips (Z1711) knotted with ribbon.
      Stay tuned for additional posts regarding cutting instructions for the monthly pages.
     Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
6325 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, PA 17545

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Mini Album Class

It's finally complete.  Thanks for the idea and inspiration from Mary Gunn, a fellow consultant.  I used her tutorial to make the cover and then went from there.  There are a ton of pictures.  If you are interested in taking the class or getting the kit, message me and I will get you more details.  This mini album was made with the craft die cut cards and envelopes.

Look for cutting directions in a later post, if you are interested in making your own album with the papers you already have.  There are not a ton of embellishments, because the ladies taking the class so far, wanted to use up their own supplies.  I would love your feedback. 

Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
6325 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, PA 17545