Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's Mess

Today's post let's you into real life at the Hoffer house.  I was at the computer this morning researching fall decorations for a family party we are having when Cohen (age 4.5) runs in saying "You have got to see this Graycen (age 1) got white stuff all over the place."  I paused for a moment with worst case scenario running through my head.  I had just bought a 10 pound bag of flour earlier in the week and suspected that was the "white stuff" he had found.  Walking out to the kitchen with a sigh of relief it was baking soda.  Still a mess, but a much smaller one.  And here is the best news of all...I maintained my cool and didn't get angry.  After all boys will be boys.


  1. Awesome! I can totally relate! Last summer I bought sidewalk paint for the boys (in a moment of parental insanity). They were playing with it when I went in the house to use the bathroom - opened the front door and both boys and my entire front door and porch were covered in blue and green sidewalk paint!! Amazingly, I also did not yell but grabbed the camera - wish I could be that Mama more often :)

  2. Haha! That's great, Nickie! I have often found Nate "playing" with something while my back is turned - dirt inside the house, the sugar container on the table (eating directly out of it!), toilet paper through the whole house with the dog chewing it to bits. You're right - boys will be boys! And it's our job to keep the camera batteries charged!