Saturday, January 7, 2012

All Because He Wanted to Cricut...

Maybe you have noticed, I am not posting as regularly.  Part of the reason is because my sweet children Graycen (almost 2) is attached to me at the hip lately and also going through a period of asserting his independence.  Take yesterday for example, I was working on his birthday party invitations (post coming soon) and he pointed to the Cricut, saying "button".  He loves all things with buttons and helping mommy.  I simply told him I was not "cricutting" at the moment, but he could help me when I did.  He does not think anyone should tell him no.  So it began, as it does daily....the battle of wills.  His tantrum lasted 20-30 minutes.
He did not want me capturing this moment forever, so he hid his face.
It just went on and on....

It ended like this... Cuddle Time with Mommy and sleep.

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  1. Good for you, mommy! Cuddle time is the best after a tantrum!