Thursday, September 6, 2012

Extra Grace Required!

So we are on our second week of school here, which means the second week of Graycen and I being home alone together.  I know it was been a while since I have posted his daring adventures, but yesterday was a whopper.  You know I posted once before that our shoes were missing for a week and Graycen had hid them in the washing machine when he wasn't even tall enough to reach (1 yr old).  See post here for more details. Well it seems like he is revisiting old tricks.  Except this time, he was helping load the washer with laundry and I found a few items that didn't belong.
We wrapped up the day with a haircut from one of our best buddies who is only 5.  But don't worry, he asked Graycen's permission first, and he said Yes.  Check out Graycen's new do.
 His response after I told him his buddy had ruined his hair!

Nickie Hoffer
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