Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cohen's Fall Party Ideas

I am a room parent for my kindergartener this year. We just had the non-Halloween fall party. Thanks to the Internet with all the great ideas, the party was a big hit. We had 4 stations.
1) pumpkin bowling
2) candy cornacopia
This craft was super simple. All you needed was some bulk candy, a Baggie, some ribbon, and a sugar cone. You put a small amount of candy in the corner if the bag, then scoop in into the cone, and tie it off.

3) musical pumpkins
This is just like musical chairs, except you stand on cut out pumpkins instead. I cut the pumpkins from the Happy Hauntings cricut cartridge fit to page and then laminated.

4) pumpkin balloon bop
This was a class favorite. I purchased orange balloons at party city.  I used the Happy Hauntings cartridge to cut out jack-o-latern faces. I used the negatives as a stencil and a sharpie marker to draw the faces on. The object is just to keep your balloon in the air by bopping it.

Nickie Hoffer 
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant 

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