Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Tip- Tying That Perfect Bow

    OK, so I am sure most of you have heard or seen the forking techniques to get a perfect bow.  If not, here is one I have bookmarked: Let's Fork by Stampin with Di
    I found when I use this technique, I am always left wishing my bow was bigger, but essentially you need a bigger fork for a bigger bow.  Where do you find a bigger fork?  Now for those of you who can just tie a beautiful bow, this tip is not for you.
    I found if you follow the steps without the fork, you can get a bigger bow and the same beautiful technique.  Let's see if you are following me.
Step 1 Fold the ribbon in half.
Step 2 Bring the piece in the back around front and across the front piece.  Remember you are pretending there is a large fork there as a border for that back piece to cross over.
Step 3 Now you take the other piece and bring it straight up over the center of the loop you have made.
Step 4 You flip it over and tie a knot and voila.  Keep in mind during all of these steps you would keep the ribbon in her hand.  I had to put it on the table to try to get a photo of each step.
Now you are probably thinking that isn't much bigger than a fork would make it and you are right, but below is the same technique used with a thicker ribbon.  There was no way I could find a fork in my drawer big enough for this bow, which is how this tip actually came about.
So for the bow challenged ladies out there, like me.  Try making bows with the fork first so you get the hang of it and then use this technique to get even bigger and better bows.  Good Luck!
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