Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trouble with a capital T

OK, so this week has been a little crazy with Graycen (age 18 months) and his exploratory play.  An earlier post this week showed that he had discovered the fun of baking soda.  Which is not easy to get out from the crevices of hardwood, in fact it is still there.  Then a few days later it was pepper.  He had mixed it with water and essentially bathed in it.  So yesterday was round 3 of Graycen versus the world.  He got out all of his brother's markers and colored all over the coffee table.  Now I have to put a disclaimer that all of these incidents occured in a matter of minutes, lest you think I don't supervise my child.  But I have to admit that this one requires more supervision than the other two ever did.


  1. Oh Nickie! He's such a ham - at least it was the coffee table and not the carpet!