Thursday, November 10, 2011

Camping Party Countown: homemade slingshots

So this weekend besides the Christmas Extravaganza on Sunday, my son is having a sleep over camping party.  We are have 19 kids over to enjoy fun, food, and camping indoors with us.  We were going to let them make their own slingshots, but as we sat making one to practice we realized it may be too much.  Making them was easy, but making that many with childlike dexterity could have proved more frustrating for everyone.  So my husband, my mother in law and myself made them all.  Here is the link to make your own.  My father in law enjoying testing each one out and amazing enough, they work beautifully.  Now the trick will be how to we keep them from shooting the mini marshmallows at each other.

Each child will get to take a slingshot home and a hobo stick with bugs (a later post).  I know the parents will be thanking me! As a side note.  These slingshots are not just for kids.  Adults would have a lot of fun too!
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  1. Nice project and I think you are very brave...19 kids, camping indoors!!!
    And I'm betting most of them boys.
    Fellow CTMH consultant