Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here Comes Trouble Vol. 2!!!

  If you have been following my blog. You know my third child Graycen is a handful.  He is the sweetest, most loving, little 22 month old, but if there is trouble to be had, he finds it.  He is ALL BOY, the adventurer and explorer and I am sure when gray hair starts showing up, he will be the culprit.  This week he found himself in two messy situations.  I hope you enjoy his antics as much as I do.
 Situation one: He became the purple people eater after dismantling this marker/stamp by popping off the back and handling the ink.  Thank God it was washable!
Situation 2:  He loves to stamp just as much as his mommy.  For those if you who are familiar with CTMH and their stamping techniques.  He even knows "Tap Tap Twist Twist Tap Tap".  When my back was turned he decided stamping his face might be fun!

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