Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today's Tip: Look in the washing machine!

   For about a week, we could not find our older boys' shoes.  We have a shelf in the laundry room that is to store shoes, but somehow the boys are just too busy to use it.  Just like most parents do, we searched the house high and low and having found no shoes, decided an ultimatum would be best.  Daddy said, "For now on if your shoes aren't in there cubby, no TV."  Then mommy convinced that they had literally evaporated into thin air and no one else seemed to care said, "I am not giving anyone any lunch until you find your shoes."  Still no shoes!!!  So I began organizing all the other shoes back on the rack and noticed that one of my husband's large work boots was also missing.  Thinking to myself, if daddy also is misplacing his shoes, perhaps there is another culprit, I peered into the washing machine.  Calling the whole family over to see the mystery solved, here is what I saw inside.
Graycen's little 18 month figure barely reaches high enough to touch the top of the washer, so I can only imagine that this feat took lots of determination on his part, especially for daddy's work boot.  There was also an entire pack of baby wipes removed from their package one by one and thrown inside.  So today's tip is if you can't find something anywhere and you happen to have a munchkin like mine, check the washing machine!
Nickie Hoffer
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  1. LOL - that is what kids are for! I always tell my boys that my life would be so boring if it wasn't for them :)

  2. I never would have thought to check the washing machine - reminds me of Brenda who had an (empty) iced tea bottle in her machine one time I was over. She couldn't figure out why the machine was making such a funny sound - why would you put a plastic bottle in the washer? And she doesn't have little ones to blame! Glad you got a laugh!