Monday, January 30, 2012

Graycen's Star Wars Party Part 1: The Food

If you are just tuning in, you may have missed his Star Wars Jedi Training Birthday invitations.  If so check out this post. I made the usual cupcakes, but some of the food had fun star wars names.  The pizza....padawan pizza, chocolate chip cookies....wookie cookies, donut holes....death star donuts.  We also had Yoda Soda which was sprite and lime sherbet.  The item I was most looking forward to but that did not turn out as nice as the professionals was the light sabers.  I assumed they were pretzel logs with white chocolate covering died with food coloring.  However, when you add food coloring to melted chocolate, it immediately turns rock solid.  I did find out later that you can buy the colored wafers to melt...maybe next time.
Here is a photo of the spread.
 A closer look at my flubbed light sabers and my oldest who helped me make them.

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