Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Award Recipient!!!

Christina from A Little Bit of Everything gave me this award.  I was one of her five picks.  What a blessing considering, we have never officially met. The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favorite or dearest to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  Upon accepting this award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note.

Here are my 5 picks!

Terry Diack:  She rocks and is the inspiration for many of the amazing items I have posted here.  Here blog address is

Mary Gunn:  She is also another creative lady that inspires me.  Her blog address is

LeAnne: She has some great art and craft ideas like glitter ornaments.  Oh so much fun. Her blog address is

Stephanie Huber:  She is my sister in CTMH and has become one of my dearest friends.  Her blog address is

JJLarson:  This is a great place to go for inspiration.  She has all types of artwork on all types of media.  Her blog address is

Take a look at all these wonderful ladies blogs and follow them too!!!

Thanks again Christina!

Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
6325 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, PA 17545



  1. Thanks for the award,
    I was very surprised to recieve it.
    thanks again

  2. Thank you so much Nickie, I'm so honored. I'm sorry that I have been so slow to do anything with it but I greatly appreciate it and will take the time to pass it on to 5 others.
    Jami Larson