Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stamping Technique: Masking Tutorial

So here is a very simple technique that can allow you to add more colors and dimension to your stamps.  It is called masking where you cover a part of the stamp in order to achieve a different affect.  Here a portion of a layout where I used the technique.
The ticket image is from The Blue Ribbon Stamp set (C1464).  The original ticket stamped image says "I must admit you are amazing", but I wanted to put the tickets on a travel layout.  So I masked that portion of the stamped image and here's how.
1) Stamp the image on a post it note.  I stamped the top off on the scrap paper so it would be easier to cut out.  You want to make sure at least part of the image you are going to use as a mask has the adhesive part of the post it behind it. 
 2) Cut out the portion of the stamp you want to mask.  So for me it was the words making sure I still kept the lines surrounding it intact.
3) Place it on the paper where it would need to go.  If you are not sure before inking your stamped image, place it on your block and look through it to see if you like the placement and adjust accordingly.
 4) Ink your image, stamp it over the paper and remove the mask and this is what you will have.
5) Now place the stamp you wish to occupy the center of the ticket on a block, ink and stamp.  I chose the phrases from the Adventure USA stamp set (D1503)
Nickie Hoffer
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

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